The #MyMiles Schools Challenge

SportsAid Week

23-29 September 2019

The #MyMiles Schools Challenge is encouraging young people to get active this September! The Challenge, designed to shine a spotlight on the commitment and dedication of talented young athletes pursuing their sporting ambitions, asks pupils to complete a minimum of one mile in SportsAid Week and donate £1 to the charity.

On average, a SportsAid athlete covers around 40 miles under their own steam every week. You can inspire pupils, while reinforcing the importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle, with the stories and achievements of young sporting role models across the country. You can register for the #MyMiles Schools Challenge through Race Nation today!

There will be a dedicated #MyMiles Schools Day on Tuesday 24 September, but if that doesn't work for you, select any date during the week. You can run an assembly - in advance of your planned activity - about the history of British sport, and the role SportsAid has played within this, to give pupils a clear understanding as to the athletes they’re supporting.

What is SportsAid Week all about?

SportsAid helps around 1,000 athletes across more than 60 sports each year, the majority aged 12 to 18, by providing them with an average award of £1,000. SportsAid Week is an annual fundraising drive designed to support the next generation of athletes striving to represent Team GB and ParalympicsGB at future Olympic and Paralympic Games.        

Fundraising is a key income stream and SportsAid Week has generated close to £150,000 since 2016. The initiative has received widespread backing with Olympians, Paralympians, National Governing Bodies (NGBs), schools, universities, companies, local businesses and individual supporters coming together to help the country's brightest sporting prospects. 

How do I join the #MyMiles Schools Challenge?

SportsAid has linked up with Race Nation to provide an online platform for supporters to join the #MyMiles Schools Challenge! You can sign up today to receive further information about the challenge and start planning your school's activity for this September. The #MyMiles Challenge is growing year-on-year so why not join the movement in 2019?!

You can register for the #MyMiles Schools Challenge here. There will be a number of surprise visits made to schools by SportsAid athletes, as well as competitions for the most miles covered, best photos and the most creative ideas! SportsAid has also produced a simple-to-follow guide on how schools can take part in the #MyMiles Schools Challenge. 

How shall we do the #MyMiles Schools Challenge?

How you choose to support the #MyMiles Schools Challenge is entirely up to you! It could be in a PE lesson, at lunchtime or during an after school activity. We are looking for you to take the lead and decide how you would most like to join in the Challenge. An important point....if it's not easy to record the distance of your activity....20 minutes = 1 mile.

Perhaps you could opt for an Olympic or Paralympic discipline? Running, cycling, swimming, badminton and tennis, as well as team sports such as netball, hockey, rugby, football and basketball, are always popular. Crossfit, zumba, boxercise and yoga can be the perfect group activity. Would you consider a teachers v pupils challenge to create a bit of competition?!

We would love you to count up your miles and post them on social media. You can also spread the word by nominating another school, college or university to continue the chain. The current total for the #MyMiles Challenge is just shy of 20,000 miles - meaning nearly 500 of the country's most talented young athletes have been kept company so far!

Where does the money raised go?

The money you raise through the #MyMiles Schools Challenge will support athletes in many different ways - no matter how big or small the amount! They don't just feel the impact of SportsAid’s backing from a financial point of view - the award acts as motivation and provides recognition as they look to progress towards their sporting ambitions.

SportsAid athletes benefit from a range of personal development opportunities enabling them to broaden their skillsets. Many receive expert advice through workshops which focus on areas such as nutrition, performance lifestyle management, sports psychology and telling your story through the media. They can also access mentoring through buddy schemes.

SportsAid has helped thousands of athletes during the critical early stages of their careers. The charity’s impressive track record was highlighted at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games where alumni won 150 medals. This included 46 of Team GB’s 67 medals (20 gold, 15 silver, 11 bronze) and 104 of ParalympicsGB’s 147 medals (44 gold, 28 silver and 32 bronze).