Lucy O'Brien

Lucy O'Brien
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How did you first get involved in your sport?

I used to play with my brother in the garden and when I was about 9 my Mum took me along to trials for our village girl's team. My Mum says she was surprised how good I was compared to the girls that had played before. I was asked to play for the village team, but a year up.

What does a typical week look like for you?

Mon :- MK Dons Training in Milton Keynes (7pm - 9pm) [leave the house at 5:15, home at 10] Tues :- Fitness training in Cambridge (5pm-6pm) Weds :- MK Dons Training in Milton Keynes (7pm - 9pm) [leave the house at 5:15, home at 10] Thurs :- Often a school match after school (3-5pm) Fri :- School training 3-5pm; MK Dons boys in Milton Keynes (7:30 - 9pm) [leave the house at 6:00, home at 10] Sat:- MK Dons Matches (can be up to 3 hrs away from home) Also conditioning and exercises in my own time

What motivates you to continue in your sport?

I love playing a team sport and the friendships and feeling of being part of a team working towards the same goal, that football gives. I love to win and the feeling of satisfaction and exhilaration you get from achieving something you have set out to do - this drives me on to do better and better in my sport I also want to be the very best I can be and to make the very most of the opportunities I've been given I also love to be someone that others can look to to see that they should never give up on their ambitions. I have coeliac disease, and am hoping to be used as a case study in the future to allow others to see that it shouldn't stop them going after their dreams.

Who is your sporting hero and why?

I look to other professional footballers for my inspiration - both male and female. Especially Steph Houghton, as she is a great leader and inspires other girls to play the game, and Harry Kane because he is a great goal scorer for Spurs (who I support) and has achieved numerous records throughout his career.

What do you do in your free time?

I play a lot of other sports for my school (cricket, netball, hockey etc and we often have matches and tournaments after school) I like to relax watching television (and I always watch ANY football matches or Match of the Day that are shown) I like to play board games with my family I also have to keep on top of my schoolwork and homework takes up a lot of my non-football time

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