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Chris McCormick
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How did you first get involved in your sport?

I went for ski lessons with my family at Bearsden Ski Club. I loved it and spent most of my time skiing with Bearsden Freestyle.

What does a typical week look like for you?

When I’m in the mountains I try and ski every day if possible, with a few gym sessions and a rest day too. At home I spend a bit more time in the gym, cross-training and skiing with Bearsden Freestyle. I also try to work as much as I can.

What motivates you to continue in your sport?

I have always enjoyed skiing very much, and the fact that I still have so many ways to improve keeps me motivated.

Who is your sporting hero and why?

I’d say James Woods as he’s the best skier from the UK and he has a lot of fun.

What do you do in your free time?

I like a bit of skating and trampolining. I also like physics and want to go back to university at some point to study it.

Who is your biggest influence in your life and why?

Probably my two older brothers as I’ve spent most of my life skiing/snowboarding with them.

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