Anya Falkus

Anya Falkus
  • Sport:
    East Anglia (Eastern England)

Key Achievements

  • 2017National Champs Manchester, 400m Free style, 5.59.44

  • 2017British Para swimming international Sheffield, 100m Breast stroke, 137.95

  • 2017British Para Swimming International Sheffield, 100m Butterfly, 128.60

  • 2017Manchester National Champs, 50m Free style, 33.01

  • 2017Manchester Nationals Champs, 100m Free style, 1.13.09


How did you first get involved in your sport?

I was having normal swimming lessons like most children do, but when I lost most of my sight, my swimming teacher at the time saw a notice from the British Para-swimming pathway team looking for talented swimmers. I went along for a try out in Nottingham and was signed up. I have been swimming for the East region Para-swim team ever since.

What does a typical week look like for you?

I swim every day for at least 2 hours, mostly evenings except Saturday which is usually my day off if I am not competing. I also do land training 2 to 3 times a week which I do during my GCSE PE school lessons. If I am not training I am revising for my exams.

What motivates you to continue in your sport?

I love to swim, and I want to be successful in my swimming. I am always reflecting on my training sessions and how to improve to go faster. I have always been a competitive person. I am always forward thinking about my next races and how I am going to get better and set myself targets for my training sessions.

Who is your sporting hero and why?

Jessica Jane Applegate because I see her train so hard and even after she didn't do as well in the last Paralympics, she is still working hard and breaking world records and never gives up trying.

What do you do in your free time?

I have been learning how to play goal ball recently which is a lot of fun. I also have a house rabbit called Teddy who loves cuddles and spinach. I have learnt to loom knit and have made woolly hats for all my family.

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