You can turn your old mobile phone into vital support for a young athlete!


If you have any old or unused mobile phones sitting around at home, or if you think your company might want to put its old handsets to good use, please donate them to SportsAid through our mobile phone recycling scheme.

Joining the scheme means that you will be doing your bit for the environment and generating much-needed support for the future of British sport at the same time. The more phones we can recycle today, the more gold medals our young athletes can win tomorrow! 


All mobile phones are welcome no matter how old and even if they are no longer working!

They will either be refurbished and re-sold (which is the most environmentally and financially beneficial option) or recycled so the components can be re-used in other products.

Every phone that you donate will help us, and that means we will be able to help more of Britain’s rising sports stars.


To get free FREEPOST envelopes to recycle your phone(s), or to find out how your company can donate its phones, contact SportsAid on 020 7273 1975 or today.