Sport England TASS

Sport England TASS
Established in 2004

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TASS was a key part in my journey to Olympic gold.

Amy Williams
TASS alumna

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (now known as Sport England TASS) gives young people across England the opportunity to get the very best out of their academic and athletic ability.

SportsAid has managed TASS since it was established in 2004. In that time, the scheme has helped to produce almost 150 Olympic and Paralympic medallists and is globally-recognised for its ability to help them pursue sport and education at the same time, without having to make the hard choice between one or the other. The European Union, the International Olympic Committee and national sports bodies from Japan and Brazil have all recognised the quality of TASS as a world-leader in its field. This success is built on the fact that TASS brings experts from the sport and education sectors together to support the athletes and the professionals around them in a very targeted way.